Four-leaf clover ver1.05

Distribute the theme of wordpress that uses on this site. Please use if good.

Download:It has been opened to the public on GitHub

The method of installation is here

How to use here

About Four-leaf clover

Four-leaf clover is equipped with responsive layout, a custom menu, custom header, a custom color. As theme setting, you can change the position of the right and left sidebar and change the setting of the font, the border style and can display the search bar in a header. Also, you can display comfortably at all any devices by a responsive layout.

Copyright & License

Copyright 2016 Dr?Thomas All Rights Reserved.

Author URI:
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI:

Four-leaf clover Theme bundles the following third-party resources
  • Reset Stylesheet? v1.6.1

Last Updated: 2010-09-17
Author: Richard Clark –
Twitter: @rich_clark
License: CC0 Public Domain Dedication and MIT License

  • A class to parse color values

Author:Stoyan Stefanov
          License: Use it if you like it


  • ver 1.0 2016/1/28

    Initial release.

  • ver 1.01 2016/4/13

    A little bit of change about Comments area.

  • ver 1.02 2016/4/14

    Selection of the display or no-display for the contributor and tag, category column.

  • ver 1.03 2016/4/20

    Can do the first post year of the copyright in the start year. I correct wrong translation.

  • ver 1.04 2016/5/3

    To avoid underlined when H1 tag header is selected.

  • ver 1.05  2016/10/4

    Version up for wordpress 4.6

How to use here

Download from GitHub
  1. Open Four-leaf clover’s page from GitHub.

  2. Click the [Download Zip] button to the right. Save this file.

Click for this.
Preparing to upload

1. Enter the wordpress management screen. Click the [Themes] in [Appearance].

2. Click the [Add New] button.

Add New button.

3. Click the [Upload Theme] button.

Upload theme button.
Theme upload & install

1. Click the [Select File] button. Chose the zip file you downloaded earlier.

Select file button.

2. Click the [Install Now]

Install now button.

3. The installation is complete. Click the [Activate].

Activate button.
Activate theme
  1. Four-leaf clover is enabled as shown below when you activate is complete.

Actibate complete.

The method of installation is here

All setting items of Four-leaf clover is in the [Appearance]-[Customize] of management screen. A description of each item can be found in the following.


Body color, background color and imagefile color can change.

Body color

Font color:

Change the color of the font that is displayed in WordPress.

Base color:

Change the color to determine the WordPress of the atmosphere such as the color of the mouse over the time of the link of the color and the line color, top fixed display of the back.

Background color

Background color:

Choose the background color.?This does not work when the background image is selected.

Image color

Image color:

If the widget area and header image is in the initial configuration, you can change the color of clover.(Need:GD library)

Four-leaf clover setting

You can set layout, font setting, Four-leaf clover setting and copyright settings.


Position of the side bar:

You can change the sidebar on either the left or right.

Border style:

You can select the line of the border one line, two lines, broken lines or?the dotted line.

Show search form in the header :

If checked, displays a search form at the right end of the header field.

Font setting

Font family:

You can choose from Serif, Sans-serif or Cursive.

Font size :

You are by moving the slide bar, you can change the font size from 8px to 32px.

Four-leaf clover setting

Show the category column:

It displays the category that has been set on a posts when you can checked.

Show the tag column:

It displays the tag that has been set on a individual page when you can checked.

Show the contributor column:

It displays the author that has been set on a individual page when you can checked. (When a contributor is alone, it is not displayed even if I check it.)

Copyright settings

Show the copyright:

It displays the Copyright in the footer when you can checked.

when you can checked:

Enter the start year of this home page to display in the Copyright

The first post year is the start year:

The oldest year in post is the start year? when you can checked.

Last?year :

Enter the?last year of this home page to display in the Copyright

The last post year is the final year:

The newest year in post is the?last year? when you can checked.

Copyright owner:

Set the copyright owner to be displayed in the case Copyright the user is multiple.


© Dr?Thomas 2018

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